Monday, May 22, 2023

Progress and Weekly Goals

     Because I was traveling last Monday I never took time to update my weekly goals. In Friday's post I shared my progress on my son's Celtic Fantasy quilt that now is a finished top. I searched my stash for a suitable backing and finding none, went shopping which added fabric to my stash report. However, since it will be used almost immediately, I have also counted it as used. I need to clean off my craft table to get it sandwiched.

     I brought home a few boxes of a friend's stash and spent a few days washing and sorting. Some has already been shared and most will go to my church quilt group. Some is staying at my house but will not be added to my stash because I will use it to cut quilt kits for church quilt group. If I decide to keep a few pieces, I will add that amount but I am trying to resist temptation.

Stash Report for 2023

this past week- Used: 6 yds Added: 5 yds
So far this year- Used: 47.46 yds Added: 37 yds
Net decrease 10.46 yds

     Sunday afternoon I pulled a small UFO to work on. I did not follow the pattern exactly. It is now a placemat with some quilting. I plan to add some FM quilting. I adopted the kit (dated 1991) off the guild free table because I liked the bird. The fabric shows its age in a few spots but it will be a good placemat for someone.

Goals for this week:

1. Quilt more on charity/ comfort quilt.

2. Cut and package a comfort quilt kit
3. Sandwich “Celtic Fantasy”
4. Finish chickadee placemat

Have a great week and enjoy some time for quilting.

When Life gives you scraps, make quilts. “


  1. You are doing great on using your stash!! Impressive!
    what a pretty placemat!

  2. I also would have wanted to buy a special backing for that quilt. It will be amazing.