Monday, December 27, 2021

Project Progress and Goals

     Wow! Hard to believe this is the last week of 2021. Time to take stock of UFOs and plan for the new year. My goal for this week is to finish quilting one more comfort quilt; however, some time needs to be spent in my yard. We had a record breaking high the day after Christmas of 75 and it is warm today.

     Christmas week after visiting family I had some sewing time. I mass produced 14 snowman mug rugs that will be gifted when I host a meeting next month. I finished them  pillowcase style to save time instead of using binding and quilting them simply. I will be looking for snow theme napkins and plates.

     In the evening I pieced the center of a comfort quilt. The cut fabric pieces were adopted from a quilter. I played with units to create 12” finished blocks and tried to use a mix of the fabrics. There are also pieces cut that I can use for borders and binding.

     The  week before Christmas I pieced the 12th and last Old School BOM and played with layout. This was a challenge. Every month was a different designer and I substituted one block instead of spending time with hand piecing small hexagons which is not my thing. I plan to use a navy blue sashing and border to give them some cohesiveness.

Stash fabric used or added the past week-
Used: 2 yds Added: 0 yds
So far this year- Used: 112 yds Added: 50 yds

Hope you are enjoying this special season.
Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Holiday Project Update

      I hope you are enjoying this holiday season. I am. My only goal is to enjoy the season.   I spent the week of December 6th in Georgia with GDs and family. It was very special because I got to spend time with both sons and GDs.  One fun event was to supervise the girls decorating their annual gingerbread houses. Here are the recent masterpieces.

           back of Mattie's  gh                       front of Mattie's gh
Lily's gh

   They decorated their annual fabric squares and helped plan the layout for a placemat.  Here are the newest ones finished.

 Sometimes they don't want to use squares from when they were very young. The Christmas tree was drawn when GD Mattie was almost 5.

Lily also finished sewing the Roly Poly Santa.  He was a printed panel and went together easily for her.

    When I had a chance I worked on my new “Dancing Garland” wall-hanging.  I gifted the one I made last year.  You can see it and  find the link for the free pattern in this postThis past week back at home, placemats were finished, 4 batches of Rum cakes were baked and the “Dancing Garland” top was finished. I used a simple border instead of the pieced one like the pattern.

     This week I am back in Georgia for a couple more days with GDs while they are out of school for the holiday. We plan to do some baking and maybe I can interest them in another project. We will see. No goals set except to enjoy this time.

    Stash fabric used or added the past week-

                     Used: 3.25 yds Added: 2.75 yds (1 jelly roll)

   So far this year- Used: 112 yds Added: 47.25 yds

Hope you are enjoying this special season.

Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Small finishes and Almost

     This week flew by after all the fun last week with granddaughters and family. It has been a tradition for many years for each granddaughter to decorate a fabric square for each Christmas. A few years ago I decided to use them to make Christmas placemats. While with them last week, I let them help design a placemat and also decorate their annual squares. Here are 3 that are almost finished. The edge is finished pillowcase style so no binding. They are quilted in the ditch; however, I plan to add some free-motion quilting.

     I pulled out the box of leftover fabric from last year's “Dancing Garland” wall-hanging and started making one for myself. The center is pieced and I plan to use the red fabric for a border instead of piecing it like the pattern. It doesn't matter if it is finished by Christmas. I will hang it next Christmas.

Monday I will share more about my visit with granddaughters and what we did.

I'm linking up with Alycia for Finished (or Not) Friday.

Hope you are enjoying this special season.

Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Projects and Goals

      I didn't accomplish all my goals because I got sidetracked by a request. My son and GD's dog has outgrown her coat. I used the same directions and tutorial from, only I made it larger. After I finished, something did not look right. I am a little worried but I have already thought about how I can fix it if needed. Here is Dosi in the first coat I made her. 

Goals for the past week:

1. Finish making 40 prayer pocket squares. Done and delivered. I also made 4 for a few other special people.

2. Quilt a UFO. Not done

3. Cut scraps into units with Accuquilt dies. Done I did not a great amount but enough for a project to get completed.

    Stash fabric used or added the past week- Used: 4 yds Added: 1 yd

        So far this year- Used: 110.75 yds Added: 47.25 yds

    This week I am visiting with GDs. Sunday after church I baked gingerbread house parts. It has been a tradition that every year I construct small individual houses for the GDs to decorate. Here are last years gingerbread houses.

They are becoming experts.

    When I have time to sew, I plan to work on a “Dancing Garland” wall-hanging for myself. You can still get the free pattern here.  This is the one I made last year.  Mine will use many of the same fabrics; however, I want to add buttons from which to hang small ornaments. 

Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting and enjoy this special season of the year.