Saturday, February 28, 2015

Progress on Wallhanging from Nurses' Blocks

       A few weeks ago I was asked to help finish a wall-hanging for Palmetto Health Hospitals.  Last year for Nurses Week about 70 nurses contributed blocks to be put into wall-hanging.  They are not typical quilt blocks because of the types of materials they used and the variety of unique embellishments added.
      I have added blue sashing and a small border.
Today I sandwiched it and am ready to add some quilting.  I was concerned about being able to add enough quilting with all the embellishments on some blocks but an art quilting friend and my art quilting sister suggested using a fusible batting which I have done.
      I am looking for 2 volunteers to sew together 2 more wall-hanging tops from the rest of the blocks.  They will also need some type of quilting.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Beginner Quilt Class at MTC

    Thursday evening was the third class for my 5 week Beginner Quilt class at Midlands Technical College.  So far the ladies have made nine patches and Friendship Star blocks.  Following are a few samples.
I love Lynn's bright fabrics.  She is not so sure about them.

Natalie's are the very opposite with her soft blues.

Kay is using rich black and green.

I'm sorry I missed getting a photo of Carol's blocks because we were running out of time.  I will try harder next week when they will add borders and sandwich to start quilting this small lap quilt.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soft Art Dolls

     Last August my sister Irene and I had our own doll making workshop at her home.  She had made several dolls before but wanted to try new patterns and techniques.  I had never made a soft art doll so needed her help.  I also wanted to make a doll for a different purpose.  I have 2 granddaughters with whom I want to share them.  My first doll is still sitting on my shelf in her first and (so far) only outfit. 

    Irene recently finished her doll that we started in August. 
From looking at both dolls it is hard to imagine that they are made from the same pattern, except that I made grouped fingers and Irene made individual fingers.  She added so many embellishments.


It is wonderful to have a creative talented sister.  I love her garden doll. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Non Quilt Sewing

     Recently I have been on a mission to sew non-quilt items.  I finished 2 more pet beds filled with scrap fabric and batting. 
These were donated to a local shelter called Pets Inc.  Thanks to friends who donate scraps to help fill them.

     I was describing ways to use fabric scraps and mentioned fabric bowls.  I am no way an expert.  I have made 2 but given them away so I decided to make another so I would have one to show.  I use strips about ¾” wide and wrap cotton clothesline. 
Then you start shaping the bottom of the bowl and zigzag together.
As it grows, you lift the bowl to make the sides.
 Here it is finished. 

     I spent Sunday afternoon sewing knit dresses for granddaughters.  The easy pattern is Simplicity 1435. 

I also made a cute skort (shorts attached under a skirt).  The pattern is from Children’s Corner. 

I need some new clothes but sewing for myself is not a priority or as much fun.  


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Comfort Quilt Finishes

   Tuesday at GCQ Day Bee I turned in 4 finished comfort quilts for children.  Three were the Super Nine Patch quilts.

 Check out this past post for the link to Anita Grossman Solomon's free downloadable pdf. 

    I also turned in the scrappy orphan quilt.  I love the bright colors in it. 

  I finished quilting and binding my "Carolina Chain" and will turn it in next Tuesday at guild meeting.  I love these easy blocks for leader/enders.  

   Wednesday at SQG I turned in the rehab bowtie quilt so my stack has moved from home.  
I hope to start on another UFO but it did not happen today.    I have not accomplished much today except some cleaning and organizing.  I will be teaching a beginner quilting class starting tonight at MTC.  
More tomorrow. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quilt Top Rehab

      Have you ever taken on a quilt project and wondered why?  I recently finished a quilt and want to share my struggles with it.  The hand pieced top of questionable fabric was donated to my church group.  Even with its mismatched seams and problem areas, I wanted to use it at least part of it.  I separated about ¼ of it for a smaller quilt.  I added borders and thought it was looking fair until I started pressing it for quilting.  I realized that areas would not lay flat.  I bought a medium loft polyester batting to help fill the areas fullness.  I sandwiched a layer of then cotton batting with the poly.  I started the quilting by stitching in the ditch the borders I had added.  Next I free-motion quilted in medium meandering.  I had a few problems that I hope will not be noticeable.  There were a few small tucks in the piecing which I just quilted over.  I had to be careful in meandering not to add more tucks as I quilted around the fullness.  A couple of times my hopping foot got in a seam between loose stitches.  Luckily I was able to get it out and move on.  I kept telling myself that this quilt would be useful and okay.  It is finished but could still benefit from blocking.   I don’t think I will try to use the other ¾ of the top.  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Day of Quilting

After enjoying the weekend celebrations of granddaughter’s 7th birthday, I am back home and spending the day quilting. 

I pieced this top of blocks from the beginning class blocks at JoAnn Fabrics.  I donated the top to SQG and Martha quilted it.  Today I added the binding to finish it.  It was too difficult to find a dark blue so I used a dark red.

I also finished the quilting and binding on this scrappy comfort quilt for GCQ and the Children’s Hospital.  I enjoy just using scrap pieces to put together whatever will make a 12” finished block. 

I have quilted the center area of my version of “Carolina Chain”.  Work on it is paused while I consider how to quilt the setting triangles and border. This quilt is also a comfort quilt for GCQ and the Children’s Hospital so it mostly needs quilting to withstand washing and use, not fancy quilting.

I love making these blocks as leader/enders so I will have another sometime.  Now its time for a break.