Thursday, August 30, 2018

Note pads, Mug rugs, and Scrap Blocks

      For the past week I have had family on my mind and wondering whether I would be needed out of town.  Instead of starting the quilting on a project, I chose to work on small projects for the quick feeling of accomplishment. 
      My sister Irene shared her directions for making a quilted note pad holder.  I made 3 for my guild silent auction in September. I think they would make a nice small gift and hope to find time to make more. 


    I enjoy sending mug rugs when someone needs a “Thinking of you”.  I made 3 mug rugs. 

     Next I wanted something easy to sew on so pulled together a kit of Perkiomen Valley blocks which are fairly simple 9 patch blocks. 

I made several 12 ½” blocks for Carole of “From My Carolina Home” blog when she was collecting blocks to make quilts for California fire victims. The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild is NO longer accepting blocks.  
    I liked the block and my scrap system is perfectly suited for them.  I pulled light and dark squares from the 4 ½” box.  I also pulled light and dark 5” squares from another box which are great for 4” finished HSTs.  I have 20 blocks sewn but not yet pressed.  This is my plan for a 48” by 60” lap quilt unless I decide to add a border or more. 

It is starting to feel a little like fall some mornings.  Hope you enjoy time sewing or quilting.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Floral Leaf Blocks in Finished Quilt

      This past weekend I put the finishing touches on another comfort quilt when taking a break from hand sewing the binding on the scrappy anvil quilt.  Someone donated leaf blocks from a floral block exchange.  I squared them and added floral bars to make them larger.  I added an inner and outer border for a decent size comfort lap quilt.

I quilted the center with free-motion echo swirl using a pastel pink and green variegated thread.   

  When I need another break from hand sewing, I will start quilting on another Carolina Chain comfort quilt that is already sandwiched.

Stay cool and enjoy time sewing or quilting.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Only Lacking Binding and a Finish

      I got back busy quilting this week even though I took 2 mornings to clean flower beds.  I finished quilting and trimmed my scrappy anvil quilt. 

Today I will start on the binding. 
Here are some close ups of the free-motion quilting. 

I had a difficult time deciding on how to quilt it.  This is okay.  At least the quilting is finished and looks interesting.

    I added the finishing touches to my small crazy quilt. 
The lace on the border was knitted by my great-grandmother Asenath West Lancaster who died in 1932 at 89. The lace had been on a pillowcase.  It fit the border perfectly without me cutting it.  I have another piece just like it for another special project.   
     I have 2 small comfort quilts sandwiched and ready for quilting which I hope to work on this weekend along with dealing with half bushel of pears that I picked this morning.
I'm linked up with Can I Get A Whoop? at Confession of a Fabric Addict.  Check out the neat finishes and progress.

Stay cool and enjoy time sewing or quilting.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Crazy Quilt Block Complete

    As of this evening I have completed my first crazy quilt block in Kathy Shaw's online class.  The link is in the previous post.  I added a few lace motifs and charms.  I also made a silk ribbon hummingbird to fill in a space.  It is not perfect but I am pleased with my work and all that I tried and learned.  

Next I want to choose border fabric and sandwich it for some strategic simple hand quilting.  I plan to make it to fit my table top quilt stand.

Hope you enjoy some time sewing or quilting.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer Stall

     The past 2 weeks I have been focused on family events and have lost enthusiasm for quilting projects.  I have done a lot of dress sewing to reduce my clothing fabric stash.  I also guided older GD to finish 2 more mug rugs for gifts. 

     I also assisted my sister Irene work her doll group booth at a guild quilt show. 

    The main thing I have been working on is lessons for embellishing a crazy quilt block. I signed up for Kathy’s free online class.  Check it out here.
This is my block so far. There will be bead work and silk ribbon added as well as some lace and charms.

I have learned a lot about using various stitches together to create interesting and beautiful motifs.

Hope I get more accomplished in August.
With summer storms we can stay inside and enjoy some time sewing or quilting.