Saturday, November 25, 2017

Project Progress

    I hope many enjoyed time with family and friends for Thanksgiving.  I did.   
      As I was preparing for the holiday break, I did make some time for sewing and quilting.  I finished piecing this giant Swoon top for a church comfort quilt.  I used lots of larger scraps plus one light background fabric.  It will wait a few weeks to get sandwiched for quilting when my group meets before Christmas.

    Then I worked on one of my UFOs.  I sandwiched the red, white and blue improv star inspired by a show of “Sewing with Nancy”.  I will truly miss having new shows with Nancy to teach and inspire me as she has for so many years. 

     All the stitching-in-the-ditch of borders and around the large center star is done so it is stabilized.  Now I need to think and plan the rest of the quilting.  That might wait a bit as I have an idea for a couple of Christmas gifts that I want to make. 

Hope you enjoy some family time this season.  However, maybe we can also enjoy a little sewing and quilting.

Friday, November 17, 2017

A Completed Quilt and a Quilt Top

     I spent most of the day focused on comfort quilts.  I finished quilting and binding the double wedding ring quilt.

I am pleased with the free-motion quilting using motifs I had not used before.  I quilted S curves in the small melon areas.
I tried out Angela Walters’ bracket motif on the outer edges before the border and stitched parallel lines to the edge of the double wedding rings. They create a great texture.   I was not sure how to turn the corner so I stopped the parallel lines on the diagonal.

Then I finished piecing the 4 Patch Change-Up quilt top.

 Holiday projects probably need to be the focus for the next few weeks.

Hope you have a break to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends.   

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Progress and A Finish

 1.  The second Circle Back quilt is finished and ready for the mail to gift as a house-warming gift. Today it was put in the mail. 

 2.  Quilting is in progress (about half way done) on the appliqued Double Wedding Ring lap quilt.  I quilted S curves in the melon areas. 

3.  I have 31 green, blue and yellow strings blocks waiting on the alternate blocks. Today at church quilt group I found some fabric in our stash but did not have time to cut it up or sew.  I also chose fabric for 2 other comfort quilts in progress, one of which is the next. 

4.  The pile of leader/ender 4 patches have been sewn into 16 patches and are part of a planned top.  Inspired by an episode of Sewing with Nancy called “Change-Up Patchwork” of which I was reminded when I saw the blocks that Wanda at is working on.  Here are the blocks on my design floor. 

I still would like to get more accomplished before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Enjoy some time sewing or quilting.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Upcoming Quilting Goals

    I don’t usually plan for upcoming projects but I decided I might accomplish more with more direction. With the holidays approaching quickly it is probably unrealistic to think that much will be accomplished by year end but here goes.

     I already have 2 quilts sandwiched and ready for quilting. 
1.   First is a Circle Back adult lap quilt which will be a house warming gift. 

2.   The second is an appliqued Double Wedding Ring lap quilt for a church lap comfort quilt made from donated pieces. There are tons of leftover precut pieces but someone else will have them to play with.

3.   The RWB Lonestar improv top is pieced and ready to sandwich. I have not decided on the future of this quilt. I need to check measurements for a QOV.

4.   All the alternate quarter square blocks are made to go with the scrappy rainbow anvil blocks.  I want to get this top pieced. This is the EQ plan.

5.  I have been finishing up scrap blocks for the 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge and have blocks for 3 or 4 quilts.  Next will be choosing design layouts to put them into tops. Here are the 3 blocks I have made from each color.

6.  Green, blue and yellow strings are becoming string blocks with 4 patches as leader/enders.  The pile is growing.

I have plenty to keep me busy sewing and quilting. Wonder what will be accomplished with a break for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Enjoy some time sewing or quilting.