Monday, July 26, 2021

Weekly Goals

     The cutting table in my sewing room is covered with fabric scraps and chunks even though I spent most of Saturday cutting up odd fabric chunks. Now I need a change and I'm wondering what to work on.

     I have 9 quilt tops, lap size and larger waiting to be quilted, plus 1 smaller lap quilt waiting at church plus a Christmas table topper here. I pieced a backing for a large lap quilt and I pulled backing fabric for the table topper but can't sandwich unless I clean off my craft table. Maybe tomorrow. 

Goals for this week:

     1. Clean off the craft table.

      2. Sandwich a quilt top.

      3. Start quilting

      4. Make progress on a UFO.

Stash fabric used or added the past week. Used: 5.25 yds Added: 0 yds .

So far this year - Used: 68 yds Added: 7.5 yds

    In the morning before it gets too hot, I hope to set out some new plants that I started from seed. Then I can come in to cool off and start working on cleaning off the craft table.

    In my yard I counted 9 caterpillars getting fat on my parsley. Last year I was lucky to see a couple of Eastern Black Swallowtails hatch and fly off. Here are 3 of this years caterpillars. The parley was going to seed and I cut a bunch back.  I hope I left enough for this crowd. 

This photo is from last year.

Stay healthy and hope you enjoy some time sewing and quilting.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Only Needs Binding

     I finally made time to finish the FM quilting on this comfort quilt for church quilt group.

Someone else will sew the binding. I quilted Diamond design 4 from Angela Walters' book Shape by Shape-Collection 2 in the center blocks and some outer diamonds. It is kind of a boxy fern or feather.

In larger pentagonal areas I quilted Lori Kennedy's Square Flower motif.

   Hopefully next week I will get more sewing done.  Although it is a blessing to have all the produce from my garden, it takes time away from quilting.

I'm linking up with Alycia's Finished (or Not) Friday.  Check it out and get inspired. 

Stay healthy and hope you enjoy some time sewing and quilting.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

July Activities

     So far July has been busy. The most exciting part was having my GDs for a week of Grandma Camp 2021. We did baking, tie dyed t-shirts, and doll furniture construction with a little sewing. There was one morning for roller skate practice on new skates and acrylic painting.

    When I came home, I spent time catching up in the garden and making some progress on quilting projects. The July Old School BOM is made. Here are 6 of the blocks. Several members of my church sewing group who are participating decided to make a substitute for the May EPP block which is not shown.

    Wednesday was sew day for church group. I actually spent most of the day organizing donated fabric. I brought home our multi-size churn dash group project and finished piecing the top center. We plan to add a border. This quilt was inspired by an old magazine article.  I love the scrappiness and different size units. 

    I finally have some UFO progress to share. About 6 years ago I pieced a stack of string blocks. Then a couple of years later I planned to use them to make a Bonnie Hunter design called “Wild Child”. Last month I changed my plan and decided to make a more simple design with 24 of the blocks. Here are 11 pieced.

    Last fall when I saw Kat and Cat quilts CIL block drive for Fiddlesticks blocks (aka Bright Birches), I decided to make some. Recently for leader/ender I have been piecing narrow strips of scraps. Today I pieced a few blocks. 

    My vegetable garden is doing so well I have shared tomatoes with friends and neighbors and also put a couple of packages in the freezer. My prize tomato so far is this Brandywine heirloom tomato that weighed a little over a pound.

Stash fabric used or added the past week. Used: 3 yds Added: 2 yds ( I bought fabric for the doll furniture cushions.

                 So far this year - Used: 62.75 yds Added: 7.5 yds

Stay healthy and enjoy some time sewing and quilting. 

Friday, July 2, 2021

Progress At Least

       I don't have a finish but I did some sewing.  Last Saturday I participated in Gudrun's “Hey June” Quilt Along. I have pieced 24 blocks; however, I need to trim 12. Here are 12 completed blocks on the design wall.

You can find the videos on her GE Designs YouTube channel. 

The pattern is interesting and not too difficult. I had to pay attention to pressing directions. Some need the seams pressed to the dark and some to the background fabric. I had to do a little un-sewing.

    A lot of  my time this week was spent in the vegetable garden. I am picking blueberries about every other day. I like to eat them fresh or add them to muffins but some will be frozen for later. 

I am looking forward to enjoying this large Brandywine tomato.  This is my first time growing this heirloom tomato variety. 

Stay healthy and enjoy some time sewing or quilting.

I'm linking up with Finished or Not Friday.