Friday, September 25, 2020

Work In Progress

      This week has really been a week for work in the yard. Our weather has been so nice and much cooler than the first weeks of September. All summer I have been working on getting a compost pile established and adding kitchen vegetable scraps. It has worked great so far so one morning I decided to expand my system. I created 3 sections so it will be easier to turn a pile into the adjacent section and improve the decomposition.

     My church quilt group is making the little “pocket prayer quilts” similar to the tutorial by Shabby Fabrics.   We increased the size to finish at 3” and hand write the prayer on the back fabric. We bought a package of the little crosses to put in each one. A member shared her stash of 100 - 3 1/2” leader/ender 4 patches to make them.

     A couple of days I have worked on the free-motion quilting on the modern sunflower quilt which is about half done. 

Today maybe a good day to quilt because rain has moved in.

Hope you are staying safe and healthy while enjoying some sewing or quilting.

Friday, September 18, 2020

More Placemats Finished

       With a large stash of Christmas fabric, my church group and I have been making placemats. This week I finished 6 more to add to the pile. Large prints make it very easy.  So far I expect we have finished 50 which we plan for distributed to some local Meals on Wheels recipients. 

      When I recently saw Sarah's (of Confessions of a Fabric Addict) Plaidish quilt top I was motivated to start one. I already had the free pattern from KitchenTableQuilting.  I had been collecting scraps with black background and bright colors.  This was a perfect quilt to use them. I made fewer blocks for a smaller lap quilt. I have all my blocks made. Hopefully soon I will play with layout and get the top pieced. 

That is about it for this week. I'm linking up with Alycia's Finished (or Not) Friday.

Hope you are staying safe and healthy while enjoying some sewing or quilting.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Using a Stripe Fabric

     I love stripes and have a collection that I have bought over the years. This week I used one in a new way. I planned to set my Easy Breezy blocks on point and already had most of them stitched with sashing when I saw a quilt top by Wanda of ExuberantColor blog that inspired me to try a stripe for the setting triangles. The link shows Wanda's quilt that inspired me. I shopped my stash and found a great blue and brown stripe. It required some different cutting methods to have the stripes all go the same direction and I was successful in getting them to (mostly) line up. The stripes make a fabulous frame even though they were not cut or sewn perfectly.

     I love the stripe for the setting triangles and will use another for an on-point quilt. 

     I was gifted someones Christmas fabric stash. There were yards of large prints. Since my church group has been making placemats for our local Meals on Wheels recipients, I chose a couple of prints ( sort of “cheater” fabric) and cut kits. I fussy cut these cute snowmen.

This stripe also makes a cute easy placemat. 

I have 4 kits of 4 each ready with backing and batting for members of my group to sew and quilt.  Plus there are several more large prints that will make great placemats.

I'm linking up with Whoop, Whoop Friday

Hope you are staying safe and healthy while enjoying some sewing or quilting.