Monday, January 30, 2023

Ending January with Progress

     Last week was a very productive week in my sewing room although I don't have lots of photos to share. Check out how I did on my goals.

1. make progress on Celtic Fantasy Done. I finished the blanket stitching on 4 more units so that makes 9 of 21 appliqued. Sorry no photo.

2. finish quilting charity/comfort quilt Done. I finished quilting the split 9 patch and passed it Wednesday to another church quilter to add binding. I shared photos of that quilt in Friday's post. Then I quilted another comfort quilt and finished it; even adding the binding. This was pieced with simple large squares on-point using a striped fabric for the alternate squares.

      It felt so good to finish 2 comfort quilts. We have a stack of tops at church waiting to be quilting. Wednesday we sandwiched the kaleidoscope top so it is next in line for quilting.

      Last week I finished piecing GD Mattie's top and shared a photo on Friday. After I posted it, I saw a block turned the wrong way so it got unsewn and fixed.


Then I saw my GD's new bed frame and it is very low to the floor which got me worried because I had planned for more drop. So last night a column was taken off the side and a row will probably come off the length so the quilt will not hang on the floor.
  Stash Report for 2023
this past week- Used: 1.5 yds Added: 0 yds
So far this year- Used: 12.33 yds Added: 21 yd 
Net decrease -8.67 yds

    I expect some of this week to be GD/family time so don't know how much sewing time I will have.

Weekly Goals for Jan. 29th:

1. make progress on GD Mattie's quilt
2. Work on comfort quilts

Have a great week with some time for quilting.  

“When Life gives you scraps, make quilts. “

Friday, January 27, 2023

A Finish Plus a Top

      This week I took more time for quilting and so have my first finish for 2023.  The split nine patch quilt is now handed off to another church group member for binding. 

 I enjoy quilting free-form feathers and was able to let them show off in the light areas of the quilt.

     I finished piecing GD Mattie's new quilt top. I was pleased when she requested a new quilt; however, she had an inspiration photo of colors with a basic square design so I tried to keep the design simple. The colors are really prettier than in this photo.  Now that I look at the top I see an error I will have to correct.

I think the design is calling for modern quilting if I can figure out what that will be.

I'm linking up with Alycia's Finished or Not Friday. Hope you check out the inspiration.

Have a great weekend with fun, happiness and good health along with some sewing and quilting.

“When Life gives you scraps, make quilts. “

Monday, January 23, 2023

Rainy Day Quilting

       Rainy days are great for staying inside and sewing so I have made good progress. The triple machine blanket stitch for Celtic Fantasy units is very time consuming and tedious. After working on a couple of units, I needed a break. I took time to piece all the simple brick blocks for GD Mattie's new quilt. My design wall is not large enough for all the blocks so I used my dining table to lay out and pin several rows at a time. Here are the first 4 rows.

How I did on last week's goals :

1. make progress on Celtic Fantasy - Done. Machine triple blanket stitch is complete on 5 of 21 units. It takes more time than I imagined.

2. start quilting charity/comfort quilt- Done. At least ¾ is quilted. Following is a special FM motif quilted in a focus light area.

3. control and use scrap fabric- not done.

    Stash Report for 2023

    this past week-     Used: 0 yds     Added: 0 yds
    So far this year- Used: 10.83 yds   Added: 21 yds
    Net decrease -10.17 yds

Weekly Goals for Jan. 23rd:

1. make progress on Celtic Fantasy
2. finish quilting charity/comfort quilt

Have a great week with some time for quilting.

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember

that amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built
the Titanic.” —Humor columnist Dave Barry