Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Finish

     Instead of playing with more orange scraps, I worked to finish the quilting on my low volume quilt. 

I had fun quilting a different FM motif in each border. 

In the outer border I tried a new motif from Angela Walters called "Ferny". 

I even turned the corner without too much difficulty.  I plan to use this motif again. 

Enjoy some sewing or quilting this weekend.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Appliqued Double Wedding Rings

    Some time ago I adopted a bag of old pieces labeled for a Double Wedding Ring quilt. 
The cardboard templates for some of the pieces were included and a few arcs were sewn together; however, there was no center melon or center.

    I decided to use the already made pieces and sew a few more to be enough for a comfort quilt. I created a freezer paper template and then a no-melt mylar template.  I brushed liquid starch along the edge first and then turned the edges over the template and pressed.

 After laying out the design, I used a blanket stitch to applique the pieces to a background fabric. The arcs don’t form a nice circle but an interesting shape.

    Monday I spent the morning on yard work and made a dent on trimming back hedge.  
In the afternoon I finished the blanket stitching on arcs. I am considering whether I can use some of the pieces for a border. Many more precut pieces remain in the bag I adopted.  

Enjoy some sewing or quilting time. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall Mug Rugs

      This morning on her blog Jacquelynne Stevens shared fall project ideas.  I was inspired by this tree pillow. 

Instead of making a pillow I made a couple of mug rugs. 

I think the design would also make lovely placemats. Maybe later.
   Check out the other fall projects.  You may find some you want to try. 

Enjoy some sewing or quilting time. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Strip Quilt Finish

      I used the stormy day Monday to quilt.  I am glad this quilt is finished and it may be used as a QOV.  It meets size requirements. 

Don’t look too closely though because I made a rookie mistake when putting it together and is not my best work.  I did not cut all the column strips the same length before sewing them together so you probably know what happened.  One side slightly bowed.  Lesson:  cut all column strips the same length just as you would when adding borders. 

      I used an all over quilting motif that I have not done much.  I call it a swirl echo. 


Hope you and family are all safe from Irma.  Enjoy some sewing or quilting time. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Finished Low Volume Top

     I have not had much time this week to play with September orange scraps; however, I made time to finish the low volume quilt top.  Right now it measures 54” by 60”.  Wish I had made a few more blocks to make it a little longer, but I like the interest the borders and cornerstones add. 

 That is one more top on the pile to be quilted.

   This quilt top generated lots of low volume scraps of which I hope to put some together for a few more improv blocks.  If you quilt, you know how scraps multiply.

Enjoy some sewing or quilting time. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Playing with Fabric

     I was pleased to see orange as the color for September in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I had already looked through my stash of scraps cut into units I want.  I found a few orange but had to raid my stash for larger pieces to cut some strips for more orange.  I made 2 orange wonky star blocks with 4 ½” squares 
and 2 blocks with orange 2 ½ by 4 ½” bricks. 
I am looking forward to having a nice collection of rainbow blocks for some rainbow comfort quilts.  

   Playing with orange was a nice distraction since I have not been interested in sandwiching a UFO for quilting.  I have worked on a couple of projects, not focusing on one.  I made more low volume blocks, enough for a small lap quilt.  I plan to add a breaker border and then a scrappy pieced border so it will finish at 48” by 60”.

    I also added the red border on this improvisational star inspired by one I saw on “Sewing with Nancy” a year or more ago.
I want to add another pieced border of white and dark blue.  I am still deciding what I want. I would be interested in suggestions or ideas.

Enjoy the Labor Day holiday weekend and hope you find some sewing or quilting time.