Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Strip Quilt Finish

      I used the stormy day Monday to quilt.  I am glad this quilt is finished and it may be used as a QOV.  It meets size requirements. 

Don’t look too closely though because I made a rookie mistake when putting it together and is not my best work.  I did not cut all the column strips the same length before sewing them together so you probably know what happened.  One side slightly bowed.  Lesson:  cut all column strips the same length just as you would when adding borders. 

      I used an all over quilting motif that I have not done much.  I call it a swirl echo. 


Hope you and family are all safe from Irma.  Enjoy some sewing or quilting time. 


  1. It's lovely and a veteran will love it!

  2. It still looks good.....thanks for the reminder too! Sometimes I get lazy.