Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween

   Tonight is Halloween and I am posting late to include a cute photo  of the family in costumes.  In case you don't recognize they are the Scooby-Doo crew.  They had fun.  

The past few days have been family time. My younger granddaughter had half days for school the end of the week so we got to spend the rest of the day together. We played badminton, horse shoes and some indoor games.

Saturday I had some sewing time on my own and finished the 15 light kaleidoscope blocks so all the blocks for the lap quilt are pieced. Sorry no updated photo. 

Wednesday at church quilt group, I worked on the layout for a set of Carolina Chain blocks and pinned the rows in sets. Saturday I sewed all the diagonal rows.

I also quickly finished a couple of simple Halloween placemats.

Sunday both sons, DIL and granddaughters were all together for supper. It is not often that we are all together. Wish I had taken a photo.

There was no change for the stash report.

Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Is It Monday Already?

     Last week sure flew by. I stayed busy with some yardwork and errands but did manage to get in some sewing time.

     I made progress on Celtic Fantasy applique motifs and then started checking which fabric was going where and did I have enough. I scanned some fabric into EQ so I could get a better idea. Since the Dragon Con fabric is one-way and only one yard, I need to change where it will go. I'm still planning.

     I pieced the last column of flying geese for a project but didn't go on to the next step. I used scraps to piece one more fall mug rug and mailed it to a friend. Then I worked on piecing scrappy kaleidoscope blocks for a comfort quilt. I have all the dark blocks finished and the light blocks just need the corner triangles. This week I hope to get those sewn on.

     One errand took me to my local Hobby Lobby where my goal to reduce stash took a hit. They are reducing the size of the fabric department and some beautiful fabric was reduced for sale. I could not resist and bought 12 yards. The great thing was it only cost $42. The prettiest piece of blue was $4 a yard and the rest was $3.

They are making lots of changes in the store and I'm disappointed that they will no longer be carrying cotton quilting thread.

    Stash fabric used or added:

    this past week- Used: 0.5 yd Added: 12 yds
    So far this year- Used: 129.125 yds Added: 53.75 yd
    Net decrease 75.375 yds

     I had hoped to get some quilting done on a comfort quilt; however, instead I pieced a sample NICU quilt, cut a few NICU kits and planned some simple quilts to give our group some easy ideas for more.

Goals for this week:

  1. Finish kaleidoscope blocks

  2. Visit with family

Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.

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Monday, October 17, 2022

Weekly Goals and Progress

     It is already afternoon and I'm just getting around to planning the week.  I started not to call this post a progress report because very little progress has been made on quilting projects; however, then I remembered a few things that got done.

I did quilt and finish 12 fall mug rugs that will go to shut-ins.

I worked on a few simple NICU quilt patterns and started a sample to show my church quilt group. Here are the strips for the top half.

I resized one Celtic motif for the Celtic Fantasy quilt so that it fits the area better. Several more need to be done.

I continue to make progress at reducing my stash fabric

    Stash fabric used or added:

    this past week- Used: 1 yd Added: 0 yds
    So far this year- Used: 128.625 yds Added: 41.75 yd
    Net decrease 93.875 yds

Goals for this week:

  1. Work on Celtic applique motifs
  2. Piece final column of geese
  3. Quilt SQG comfort quilt

Hope you enjoy the fall season.  Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Not Much Progress

    In this last quarter of the year, I hope to do better on my goals but I didn't this past week. I got side tracked and only made progress on my one piecing goal. I pieced one more column of geese so just one left to sew. Then instead of working on the Celtic applique motifs or quilting, I chose to work on small things. I am caught up with A Quilting Life's block of the month. 

 I also caught up with Pat Sloan's “Hometown Charms” block Wednesday. I chose not to make a boat and instead used block 3 from her “Home Is” pattern.

    I sewed one day on kaleidoscope blocks for a comfort quilt. Using the church group stash fabric really gives it an old feel.

    No countable stash fabric was added or used except scraps. I used lots of fall fabric scraps to improv piece 12 Autumn mug rugs. For a faster finish with no binding, I used the pillowcase method. Here is the stack in progress. These will be gifts for shut-ins.

   Not sure how much I will accomplish this week with a couple of meetings and a visit with a sister in the mountains.

Goals for this week:
1.  Work on Celtic applique motifs
2.  Piece final column of geese

    Before I go, here is a photo of Dosi in her Scooby-Doo coat/costume ready for Halloween.

Enjoy the fall weather while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Weekly Progress Plus “Autumn Jubilee” Begins

   For several years I have enjoyed following along with Carole for her Autumn Jubilee events and this month you can too. She shares all types of crafts, free projects and fun ideas. With her Autumn Jubilee quilt patterns I have made a large lap quilt, a table top quilt, placemats and more, and she shares a lot more than quilting projects. You also have a chance for some wonderful prizes.

    Last week I had a few days to focus on quilt projects and then special time with family. I continued piecing the columns of geese with one more column sewn. Only 2 more to go. I made progress on some Celtic applique motifs for son's quilt, prepared batting and backing for the “Fall Memories” wall-hanging and used stash fabric to cut a variation of the 3 yd "County Fair" quilt. Most of Wednesday was spent with my church quilt group and that evening worked with the quilting class.

    The rest of the week was a special time with family. Friday morning was enjoyed at “Grandparent's Day at GD- M's HS with entertainment, a tour and lunch. 

     Most of Saturday was enjoyed watching GD- M's soccer game.  There was time for GD- L making “dirt” pudding and she pieced the last 10 blocks for her new quilt. Sunday afternoon I watched GD-L's soccer game and then girls helped add details to Dosi's Scooby-Doo costume. 

 Sorry I didn't take a photo when Dosi tried her costume on. It is great that she loves to wear coats.

    Stash fabric used or added:

    this past week-   Used: 3 yds Added: 0 yds
    So far this year- Used: 127.625 yds Added: 41.75 yd
    Net decrease 92.875 yds

Goals for this week:

  1. Finalize Celtic applique motifs
  2. Piece another column of geese
  3. Start quilting a SQG comfort quilt

Stay safe and healthy while enjoying some time sewing and quilting.