Monday, February 26, 2024

QuiltCon 2024 and Family

     Last week Alycia posted the last clue for “Stars Like Spaghetti” QOV mystery. Before I left for QuiltCon I put as many blocks as would fit in the layout on the design wall. Hopefully this week I will get them pieced together and add a simple border. I love Alycia's design and enjoyed the mystery.

     I met up with 2 sisters and visited more family in Winston-Salem. They had an early birthday celebration for me which was fun and special.

    Friday and Saturday my sisters and a niece enjoyed QuiltCon 2024 in Raleigh. There we met a friend from my church quilt group. We also visited with friends from my sister's guild. It seamed much more crowed than last year; however, the venue was very different. I wonder how the attendance differed. I was not excited by most of the winning quilts; although, it was interesting that many winners were men. Following are a few of my favorite quilts from the show. I especially enjoyed the piecing category and the maximalism special exhibit.

At a QuiltCon vender I picked up 2 small free fabric pieces so they are the only change to my stash this past week.

Stash Report for 2024

this past week- Used: 0 yds Added: 0.125 yds
So far this year- Used: 26.1 yds Added: 4.875 yds
Net decrease 21.225 yds

Have a great week and enjoy some time for quilting.

When life leaves you scraps, make a quilt.”

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