Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Small Accomplishments

     Super Girl dress was remade adapting the pattern for use of minimally stretchy fabric.  (The pattern was written for super stretchy expensive fabric.)  I was relieved that it fit perfectly. 

   While trimming up some scraps, I realized I had enough of one for alternate blocks in a child’s quilt so worked to put together the top. I added multiple borders to increase the size and also use leftovers.

    These fall panels have been in my stash for many years and finally got made into placemats.  I FM quilted outlining the designs & practicing speed control.

     I have a list of non-sewing things to do today.  I have been living with only a freezer and ice chest for a week waiting for a part which was installed yesterday.  It is taking a long time for the fridge temperature to drop to safe storage temperature. Tomorrow is sew day at church.   I want to take chicken salad for lunch but fridge concerns are holding up the making.  I plan to find a few minutes to create some made-fabric at least.

Hope you find a few minutes to sew or quilt!

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  1. I love the super girl costume! She s so adorable, I know she can save the world! Ugh...no fridge is hard to deal with.Glad it is repaired.