Friday, October 2, 2015

New Quilter and Costume Remake

    Last evening I taught a beginner class for a new quilter.  She says she is not a “quilter” because she has not finished a quilt but she has sewn a couple of tops.  (We probably have guild members who have not finished a quilt or if finished, did not quilt it themselves.  I paid someone to quilt my first 3 bed quilts.)  Sharon took the class mostly to improve her skills.  She did a great job.  Here is Sharon with her new block.

    On a recent visit with granddaughters I took the older one a t-shirt dress I made. 
used guidelines from the book Sew Perfectly T-Shirt Dresses .

I took the Super Girl outfit for the younger one.  I’m disappointed to say it was not a total success.  She loved playing with the cape and boot covers in her Super Girl underpants 

but the dress did not fit.  When I came home, I looked closely at the pattern to see what I did wrong and found that the fabric I chose did not stretch enough by the pattern guidelines (which are Unreasonable).  I went looking for fabric that DID and found the only fabric that did was expensive and in very limited colors.  Now I am working to adjust and remake the Super Girl dress to fit.

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