Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Finished Quilts and Need

     With the floods in SC many families have lost homes and/or possessions. A few members and staff of my church have losses.  Our church quilt group is interested in sharing quilts to help.  Yesterday I finished 2 small quilts.  First is a child’s quilt made from a fabric book panel.

Second is the stack and slice quilt made from Karla Alexander’s pattern from Stack the Deck Revisited.

       I used this quilt to practice a new FMQ motif which begins with a swirl and then forms a sort of flower.  I still more practice with this motif to build muscle memory for stitch regulation but I like how the motif adds texture to this quilt.  

As of this morning there is another search going on for people who drove past barricades and the road caved in.  I hope people will listen and pay attention to the warnings that are still going on.

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  1. Let us know if there is anything else needed. Our church and city are collecting all types of items, and they will be leaving here by Friday heading for midlands. Your 2 quilts are great!