Saturday, October 17, 2015

Importance of Value

    Have you ever chosen fabrics you love; but when put together, the project is dead?  Yesterday I was reminded how important value is.  I have made numerous “I Spy” quilts over the past 8 years as I have collected small amounts of novelty prints. I pulled 80 squares to make a baby quilt.

Next I chose purple as the accent color and a multi colored stripe and dot fabric with a black background.  When I sewed one block, I thought it was okay.  However, when I pieced a couple of rows, I realized it died – WAY too dark. 

I set the already sewn blocks aside and pulled more novelty squares.  This time I chose a very light fabric to set off the novelty squares.  MUCH better! Value makes a huge difference.

I can’t throw fabric away and I REALLY don’t want to UN-sew the dark blocks so I hope to figure out a way to lighten and save them for a separate project.  Any suggestions?  

Hope you can find a few minutes to sew or quilt.

1 comment:

  1. Your solution to use a light fabric worked brilliantly! It has a fresh crisp feel now with all the novelty fabrics.
    Too much competition for the eye on the group with the striped fabric. The design gets lost. So you need to unify the design with a lighter sashing. Or maybe try the Dancing Nines off set layout.