Friday, January 13, 2017

Finished Is Better Than Perfect

 My Blue, Yellow, Green Sampler is finally finished. It started with a Hancock Fabrics BOM kit purchased in 2005.  I finally pieced the BOM blocks in August of 2016.  You can see them here I really like them set on-point with sashing. I used a fluffy wool batting which caused some issues with the quilting and this quilt may benefit from blocking although I have never blocked one.  Even though not perfect, it will be warm on my bed. 
This is the best photo I could get with limited space in my kitchen. Sorry the bottom corners are cut off. 

   I quilted a custom design in each sampler block.  Here are a few that I like most.   

    Wednesday was comfort quilt sew day for my church group.  I added the borders and finished this quilt top.  The center stack and slash blocks were someone’s UFO that they gifted.  I had several packs of purchased cream cording which have been in the drawer for years.  It adds a special accent to the borders.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend with a little sewing and quilting.


  1. Lovely quilts. I bet each one gives lots of warm cuddles. Great colors. My hubs always says the only perfect quilt is one made by God. I believe that!

  2. Quilting looks great on the sampler. Good job for the finish.