Monday, October 26, 2015

QOV and Trimming for a New Project

The Quilt of Valor (QOV) is finished, in its pillowcase, and ready to be delivered. 

     I was not ready to work on a big UFO so I started on some small projects.  Tomorrow is Comfort Quilt Sew Day for guild.  Last month I brought home some donated scraps which I spent the evening and morning trimming for kits.  Someone donated a bunch of large triangles which with a little trimming (using my Easy Angle and Companion Rulers) 

will be suitable for a resized version of “Remixed Geese”.
 I have been wanting to try this pattern.
You can find the free pattern from with this link.  She has several free patterns and tutorials on her blog. 

   The end of this week I'm looking forward to visiting with granddaughters for Halloween and maybe a sewing lesson for the older.

Hope you find some time to sew or quilt. Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Finish and A Start

     The quick baby quilt is finished and ready for delivery for the soon expected one. The light fabric is not solid.  It has a pastel multicolored dot which is not visible in the photo. 

      A friend and I were talking recently and I decided to make a Quilt of Valor for his cousin.  He suggested flag fabric and I found a beautiful one.  I plan to use the same block design that I used for the baby quilt except that they are larger ( 8” finished ) and will only use three fabrics for the whole quilt. 

     I went to see the state fair for a quick visit especially to view the quilts and arts and crafts.  My camera did not cooperate because it needed fresh batteries but I did manage to get one photo of a special prize winner.  This quilt is by Barbara Estep of Greenville, SC (entered in the 70+ division).

I am sorry they have to fold the large quilts for hanging so we can’t see the whole quilt.  I love these vines. 

*evening update*
After a day of sewing the QOV top is together.  Hopefully I will sandwich it tomorrow and start quilting.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Importance of Value

    Have you ever chosen fabrics you love; but when put together, the project is dead?  Yesterday I was reminded how important value is.  I have made numerous “I Spy” quilts over the past 8 years as I have collected small amounts of novelty prints. I pulled 80 squares to make a baby quilt.

Next I chose purple as the accent color and a multi colored stripe and dot fabric with a black background.  When I sewed one block, I thought it was okay.  However, when I pieced a couple of rows, I realized it died – WAY too dark. 

I set the already sewn blocks aside and pulled more novelty squares.  This time I chose a very light fabric to set off the novelty squares.  MUCH better! Value makes a huge difference.

I can’t throw fabric away and I REALLY don’t want to UN-sew the dark blocks so I hope to figure out a way to lighten and save them for a separate project.  Any suggestions?  

Hope you can find a few minutes to sew or quilt.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Small Accomplishments

     Super Girl dress was remade adapting the pattern for use of minimally stretchy fabric.  (The pattern was written for super stretchy expensive fabric.)  I was relieved that it fit perfectly. 

   While trimming up some scraps, I realized I had enough of one for alternate blocks in a child’s quilt so worked to put together the top. I added multiple borders to increase the size and also use leftovers.

    These fall panels have been in my stash for many years and finally got made into placemats.  I FM quilted outlining the designs & practicing speed control.

     I have a list of non-sewing things to do today.  I have been living with only a freezer and ice chest for a week waiting for a part which was installed yesterday.  It is taking a long time for the fridge temperature to drop to safe storage temperature. Tomorrow is sew day at church.   I want to take chicken salad for lunch but fridge concerns are holding up the making.  I plan to find a few minutes to create some made-fabric at least.

Hope you find a few minutes to sew or quilt!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Finished Quilts and Need

     With the floods in SC many families have lost homes and/or possessions. A few members and staff of my church have losses.  Our church quilt group is interested in sharing quilts to help.  Yesterday I finished 2 small quilts.  First is a child’s quilt made from a fabric book panel.

Second is the stack and slice quilt made from Karla Alexander’s pattern from Stack the Deck Revisited.

       I used this quilt to practice a new FMQ motif which begins with a swirl and then forms a sort of flower.  I still more practice with this motif to build muscle memory for stitch regulation but I like how the motif adds texture to this quilt.  

As of this morning there is another search going on for people who drove past barricades and the road caved in.  I hope people will listen and pay attention to the warnings that are still going on.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rain, Rain and More Rain

   Today has been a very unusual day in the Midlands of SC because of excessive RAIN.  From early this morning the news warned people to stay off the roads and churches closed.  I stayed home.  Some that did not had to be rescued. 

I have several inches of water in my yard which looks like this. 

     Since I could not go out, I spent many hours sewing while watching the news or other TV. I only lost power for a few minutes. I finished piecing all the Scrappy Duo blocks. 

I sandwiched 2 small quilts and started quilting on one so I have plenty of sewing/quilting that I can do tomorrow if the rain continues. 

Hope you are safe and have time to enjoy sewing. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

New Quilter and Costume Remake

    Last evening I taught a beginner class for a new quilter.  She says she is not a “quilter” because she has not finished a quilt but she has sewn a couple of tops.  (We probably have guild members who have not finished a quilt or if finished, did not quilt it themselves.  I paid someone to quilt my first 3 bed quilts.)  Sharon took the class mostly to improve her skills.  She did a great job.  Here is Sharon with her new block.

    On a recent visit with granddaughters I took the older one a t-shirt dress I made. 
used guidelines from the book Sew Perfectly T-Shirt Dresses .

I took the Super Girl outfit for the younger one.  I’m disappointed to say it was not a total success.  She loved playing with the cape and boot covers in her Super Girl underpants 

but the dress did not fit.  When I came home, I looked closely at the pattern to see what I did wrong and found that the fabric I chose did not stretch enough by the pattern guidelines (which are Unreasonable).  I went looking for fabric that DID and found the only fabric that did was expensive and in very limited colors.  Now I am working to adjust and remake the Super Girl dress to fit.