Monday, April 22, 2024

Work on Charity Quilts

    The past week I spent time in the garden as well as in my sewing room. I made progress on several charity projects. A few months ago I found some units left over in 2011 from a baby illusion quilt. I made a few more to get 30 and Sunday finished piecing this “I Spy” Illusion top. 

I pieced a HST border from orphan units and added a plain border to a charity top that is now 51” by 56”. 

I quilted this Golf Stepper which was pieced by a church member and another member can add binding.

Even working on all these projects, my fabric stash did not change.

Stash Report for 2024

this past week- Used: 0 yds Added: 0 yds
So far this year-Used: 43.11 yds Added: 19.125 yds
Net decrease 23.985 yds

Have a great week and enjoy some time for quilting.

The only mistake is the one from which you don't learn.” - Henry Ford

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  1. Love the illusion design, Elizabeth!!! Three wonderful charity quilts!!! And it looks like you're making progress overall on the use of stash!