Monday, May 13, 2024

Bow Block Progress

      Last week at church quilt group my focus was on getting backings and sandwiching tops that were waiting. With help I got 3 sandwiched and brought home 2 to quilt; however, I haven't started yet.

     I spent a few days out of town with family. I did make time to piece 6 more bow blocks for 8 (2 of each color). I'm a little worried about a couple of fabrics that don't have a lot of contrast, but I am trying to keep to more pastels. I plan to continue and will decide later if I need to remake a couple.

Stash Report for 2024

this past week- Used: 3 yds Added: 0 yds
So far this year-Used: 52.985 yds Added: 20.125 yds
Net decrease 32.86 yds

      I have several non-quilting things on my to-do list for this week so hope I find time for some quilting.

Have a great week and enjoy some time for quilting.

The only mistake is the one from which you don't learn.” - Henry Ford

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