Friday, June 1, 2018

Not Much Sewing Time for Me

    Since school is out and parents are working, I have granddaughters for Grandma Camp for a couple of weeks in the summer.  This is week one.  So far the girls have done the sewing instead of me.  Mattie free-motion meandered about 1/3 of her first quilt which is lap size. 

She is doing a great job with the aid of the Bernina stitch regulator.

Both have sewn pillowcases - Lily’s first sewn with grandma’s assistance.

They have also done some hand embroidery.

    Of course, they have played with dolls, played at the park when weather permitted (lots of rain so far), made balloon animals,
 made Stickies (a type of cinnamon roll biscuit) and Eskimo cookies.
    Thursday afternoon was nice and sunny so they played outside and built a castle with their PVC construction set.  Dolls were also involved as princesses.

    I really enjoy spending time with them.  We have other crafts and cooking planned.  When I take them home, I have been relaxing instead of sewing. 

Hope you enjoy time sewing or quilting if not enjoying time with family.

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  1. Great days for them to remember. They will be fiber artists before you know it. 😃