Thursday, May 4, 2017

Irene’s Art Dolls

      I was visiting with family after a cousin's graveside service and talked some about my sister Irene’s art dolls. Instead of quilting she is focusing on art dolls and they are quite unique.  I know I have shown a few here before but decided to share a few more and her latest.
      This past January her art doll group participated in an exhibit called “White Out” and each piece was supposed to be 70% white.  She entered this all white ballerina. 

Previously she made this punk doll for her daughter’s birthday.

After a week-long class with Dutch art doll maker, Ankie Daanen, this is her latest finished doll. 

My sister Irene has been a fabulous quilter for many years.  Now she is an extraordinary art doll maker.  

*update*  Here are are couple of photos of the Raven Lady finished and up close. 

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  1. Very extraordinary - those are beautiful - you are a talented family