Monday, November 9, 2015

Sandwiching and Basting

    No major sewing / quilting has gone on here for the past week.  I did finish a Christmas present for my guild Christmas in July fabric exchange, but I don’t want to show it now and spoil the surprise.
     Last night I cleared my craft table so that this morning I could sandwich a couple of lap quilts for quilting.  The craft table is perfect for sandwiching.  For smaller up to twin size quilts I clip the top and bottom and tape the side of the backing so that it is smooth and snug (no wrinkles). 

Sometimes they are small enough to only use half the craft table and clip all sides.  Next I lay out the batting. 
     I prefer spray basting; however, I have learned ( after mopping sticky floors ) to be careful to control the angle of the spray and not to spray close to the edge or the spray baste will get on things you don’t want it on.  After the batting is spray basted, I position the quilt top.  Carefully folding it back a section at a time, I spray baste and lay it back; patting it in place so as not to distort the fabric piecing. Next I use 1” curved safety pins to pin baste around the edge.   

     I now have 2 ready to quilt when I feel inspired.  Tuesday morning will be taken up with Day Bee and half of Wednesday with be church quilt group sew day. 

Hope you enjoy some time sewing or quilting. 

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