Thursday, November 19, 2015

Easy Comfort Quilt Finish

     I found a simple strip pattern; great for a charity/comfort quilt at 48” by 60”.  Of course, it could be made larger.  The pattern is Strip Tango from My Quilt Infatuation

     I checked by stash of 4 ½” strips and cut a few.  The trick was finding strips at least strips 20 ½” long not counting selvedge.  When you cut from a fat quarter, many may not be long enough; so check first.  Five strips should make a block 20 ½” to finish 20” square.
     When free-motion quilting, I used this quilt to try out and practice numerous border motifs, a different one for each fabric used. I also marked off even sections with a soap sliver as a  guide to stitch the motifs about the same size. 

     Hope you try Kelly’s pattern and have fun sewing and quilting.  

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  1. This is a great one! I love that you used it for practicing FMQ.