Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Snack Mats

      Where has the time gone? I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much; at least nothing big.  Still unsure about what borders I want to add to my Celtic Solstice, I pulled out a variety of small quick projects to work on.  The major one has been Valentine Snack Mats (AKA Mug Rugs).  I made a couple as hostess gifts and a couple to cheer up ailing friends. 

The one below uses a heart pattern called "Heart Strings" by Annette Ornelas that creates curves with straight seams and fabric squares folded on the diagonal so the bias edge can be folded back and stitched down to create the curve.

Then I decided to make a couple for my granddaughters. 

     While looking for greens and blues in my stash for my Celtic Solstice border, I took the time to organize those bins in the “file” system.  I really like this system so far because it is so easy to see what I have.  I hope I can keep with it.

    Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a challenge.  I pulled out 2 adopted UFOs that will become comfort quilts for my church quilt group.  As may frequently be the case, one was probably abandoned because the sewer was having trouble getting the units to finish up at the planned size.  What to do!  I thought about using the pieces for improvisation piecing and not worry about losing points.  They have the potential of being really lovely so I decided to use traditional piecing. I have carefully sewn 2 blocks to get them close to the planned size hoping to keep most of the star points by sewing scant ¼” seams.  Two more I added frame strips around the blocks.  There are still lots of adopted small units that need squaring up.  With the pieces given, I will not be able to complete the original pattern so I will have to make a plan on how to use these pieces.  I’ll plan to show a picture when I have more of an idea for this project.
      Have you ever taken on a similar UFO challenge?  What did you do?

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