Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekend Activities


Happy Labor Day!

    I hope you are enjoying some relaxation whether that is not doing anything or doing something that you enjoy such as sewing.

    Saturday I added 3 double sided fabric leaves to my coiled fabric bowl.  I think they improve it.


 I also sandwiched 2 quilts (the blue “Star Gazing” and the yellow, blue and green Sampler UFO) and have them ready to start quilting; however, I am having machine problems.  I normally use my Bernina to stitch-in-the-ditch to stabilize before I do free-motion quilting.  I cannot use my Bernina right now and have an appointment for service Wednesday. The last time I used my sit down long arm machine I had tension problems.  I oiled and cleaned some, put in a new needle and tried it out.  I am hoping the problem is solved. 
    Sunday afternoon I tried out some FM motifs trying to decide how I want to quilt the blue “Star Gazing”. I have quilted this type of feather before and may use it in the central light diamond areas.  I was not ready to start quilting so I did some planning and cutting for a sampler class I am offering at church.

update * I am trying to decide which thread to use for the quilting and whether I want the quilting to show up on the light or dark areas.

Enjoy your day and may all your Labor be enjoyable. 


  1. I love the leaves you've added to the fabric bowl!

    1. My sister gave me the idea. She added leaves and butterflies to a bowl she made for me.