Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Piecing and Quilting

      I am frequently inspired by what Wanda is working on that she shares on her blog   In 2014 she shared a photo of a lovely scrappy quilt that inspired me.  I decided to make some blocks and cut sets to use for leader/ender work.  Then I could not wait and began sewing on some. Here are 22 sets sewn.  I don't know what Wanda calls them. I'll call them "Rails". 

 When I am ready to put them in the quilt, I plan to mix them all up and not place pairs together.  You can check out Wanda’s here and her description

Below is one set of blocks.  For a set of 2 blocks use 2 contrasting WOF 2 ½” strips cut into 4 – 8” sections of each.  Take one of each and cut them lengthwise in half into 2 pieces 1 ¼” by 8”.  The 2 narrow strips are pieced between the 3 wider strips of the opposite fabric to form a block. 

     I recently spent a day quilting on the "Star Gazing" quilt which is now half complete.  I decided to try out a couple of different motifs for texture.  I used a pattern of lines in half and swirls in the other half of the light areas.  
They make fairly dense quilting so the quilting on the dark areas will need to match in density. 

Enjoy some time sewing and quilting!

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