Saturday, November 28, 2015

Finishing Up Projects

    Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday as much as I did.  I certainly have much to be thankful for. 
    During this holiday season from now until New Years, I goal is to use a few minutes each day to sew / quilt and finish up projects.  I made a great start this past week and finished 3 sets of placemats.  Two of the sets were started last year when the wedge pattern was a JoAnn Fabrics class which I taught.


I wanted another set as a gift so pulled from my stash and created 4 using cobblestone type blocks.

I love the texture created by quilting them with one of my favorite Leah Day designs called “Echo Shortcut”. I have used it many times.

    I am a fan of Big Block quilts for quick gifts and comfort quilts.  There are numerous books out but all you need is to do a little math.  This finished lap quilt uses 3 ½” strips (3” finished) to form 4 rectangular log cabin blocks. 

I tried out several new FM motifs and practiced a different FM motif on each fabric.

     One border type motif that I tried I will use more again.   Here is a drawing since it does not show on the quilt.  I may even try to use it in an overall design.

     I use to love sewing my own clothes ( still enjoy sewing for granddaughters); however, the past few years I have been so captured by quilting that my wardrobe has suffered ( and I hate to shop.) On my list of things to do during this holiday season is the make myself a new dress or two. 

Hope you get to enjoy a few minutes to sew / quilt every day.

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