Sunday, September 20, 2015

Halloween Costume Sewing

     Since my first granddaughter’s birth, about this time of year it has been requested that I make a Halloween costume.  This year the younger one is into super heroes so I have been spending time sewing on Super Girl’s dress.   I still need to make a cape and the pattern also offers fabric boot covers.

This past week I also spent a day cutting up scraps for pet beds (another finished); however, in the process a finger got in the way of my rotary cutter blade (not bad enough to need stitches) so I did only a little cutting or sewing for a couple of days while it started to heal. 

Sunday afternoon I finished quilting the Dora comfort quilt.  I plan to take it Tuesday to Comfort Quilt Sew Day in hopes that someone will volunteer to sew on the binding. 

This week I have sew days Tuesday and Wednesday.  
Hope you find a few minutes to sew or quilt. 


  1. Super costume! Made by a loving grandmother....just perfect. Ouch....hope the finger heals quickly, those cuts and nicks hurt.

  2. It looks awesome. I know Lily will love it