Friday, September 4, 2015

Days Spent Quilting

       I finally finished the quilting on the large zigzag UFO.  I don’t like the fabrics in this quilt and was not eager to work on it; but instead of doing a simple overall free-motion quilting design, I decided to use it for practice so I planned a few special motifs.  Before the free-motion I stitched in the ditch beside each zigzag. 

That took more time than I expected because they change direction many times; however, it did the job to stabilize the quilt for more quilting.  I stitched a familiar continuous design in the squares in the center of the triangles.

I used a soap sliver to mark sections of the border and planned a leaf and loop motif to go with the border fabric.  I like how it looks and enjoyed quilting it.

When I needed a break, I sandwiched children’s comfort quilts so I have 3 made from fabric book panels ready for quilting. 

Hope you can enjoy some sewing or quilting!

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  1. Great job on the quilting! that is big. I like what you put on the border.