Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two Finishes

       This afternoon was the perfect sewing day because it rained almost steadily.  I finished quilting the golf fabric coin quilt and sewed the binding all by machine.  I first sew the binding onto the back; flip it to the front and top-stitch. It will be a comfort quilt for my church group.

I did some free-motion in the strips but also did a good bit of stitching-in- the-ditch or following strips with the walking foot.  I used it to practice a couple of simple designs.

      "Piece of My Heart" quilt, which is for a class at JoAnn Fabrics, is essentially finished.  I am finishing the hand sewing on the back of the binding.

I did very simple straight line quilting with the walking foot for this quilt since it is a beginner's class, I wanted to do quilting that they could expect to do.

    I just looked at my list of Unfinished Projects and neither of these quilts were on there. They just came up and the others got pushed aside.    
The next top to get sandwiched and quilted will be a graduation present needed for May.

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  1. Both turned out so nice! Thanks for sharing.