Sunday, April 7, 2013

Looking For FMQ Designs and More

     I’m a fan of Leah Day’s blog and have a few favorite quilting designs from her site.  I want a new overall quilting design for a bed size quilt so this morning before church, I looked at Leah's filler quilting designs and found 2 I want to try out.  I need a small charity quilt or two to try the designs on before I tackle the bed size quilt.  I like the look of the flowing glass but wonder how it would look on a much larger scale.  This is one of her VERY early videos.
I really like the topographic map design and think it would work well on a large quilt.

     My JoAnn Fabric store has recently remodeled and is now offering classes.  The beginner quilting class pieces the “Hole in the Barn Door” block (AKA “Shoo Fly”).  Yesterday I cut several block kits from a collection of red, white and blue fabrics but only got one sewn.

I wanted to use this fabric but hesitated because the plaid was printed so OFF grain.  Would you use it?

     I also took a few minutes to make some sample blocks for a child comfort quilt. I chose white fabric for the contrast, but my son's comment was, "The white will get dirty."  Maybe I should have used gray.  

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