Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Guild Challenge Met

    I woke this morning about 5:15 with a sinus problem and decided to get up.  I started the coffee pot and had an epiphany.  I would make a mug rug for the December guild challenge.  I had been toying with a different idea but could not get motivated.  We are supposed to use colors that begin with our initials so I was working with Eggplant, Vanilla and Kelly Green  …  or Emerald, Violet and Khaki   … or Ecru, Violet and Kelly Green. 
    A few months ago I saw the Hybrid Tea Rose block on “15 Minutes Play Blog”.  You can check it out here.   I have been wanting to try the block so I pulled out my green fabric crumbs, chose ones that I thought could pass for emerald for Kelly green and started piecing green fabric that would become the leaves.   

      I found a big chunk of neutral for the Ecru, Vanilla, light Khaki background. 
I pulled out my purple fabric crumbs ( thinking Violet and Eggplant ) and pieced the rose.  I really wanted the lady bug.

      At first I squared up subunits to 4.5” and then decided that would finish too large for the mug rug. 
I wanted it to finish about 6 by 8” so I trimmed the half-square triangle units to 3.5” and made another leaf.  Then I ended with a 6.5 by 9.5” mug rug.
      Recently on “Sewing with Nancy” on my ETV station she used fusible tape to hold a small quilt sandwich together so I pulled out my roll of ½ inch wide Stitch Witchery and used small pieces to make my sandwich.  I free-motion quilted leaves and curls and a center for the flower.  I found the gold in my box of leftover binding and a couple of hours later I have a cute mug rug finished.  

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