Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wonky Stars Tutorial

     A friend asked how I made my wonky stars so decided to share a tutorial.  I really enjoy making them in all sizes, colors and settings.

     I was first introduced to similar stars in Bonnie Hunter’s Crumb Workshop where she taught Maverick Stars.  Since then I have seen other similar stars called Wonky Stars.
You may want to check out :
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You can watch Jenny at Missouri Star Quilts on YouTube.  

Following is my preferred method.

     I begin with 8 squares of consistent size and value plus 5 of the same size and opposite value. (either with light or dark stars.)

Of the 5, leave one alone and cut the other 4 diagonally into triangles. (You can use scrap triangles instead.)  Layout the 8 similar squares as you would a 9 patch with the opposite value in the center. 

    Work with the middle square on each side of the nine patch to sew the star points. 

Lay a triangle RST onto the square so that at least ¼” inch is off one edge and the other about in the middle of the adjacent side. The star point can be tall, thin, short or fat depending on how “wonky” you want your stars.  Sew about ¼” along the edge of the triangle.

Press out and trim to match the square. Then trim away behind the triangle.

Next sew a triangle onto the opposite side of the square and about the middle of the adjacent side covering the previous triangle seam by about ¼”.

Press out and trim to match the square. Then trim away behind the triangle. Repeat for all 4 units.

Now you can lay out as a nine patch and sew 

OR  the stars can be offset in 16 patch for a floating setting

OR wait … if you want the stars points to float with other stars.  For the following setting, the star units are constructed separately and sewn in rows after the layout is determined.

I hope you will give the Wonky Stars a try.


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  1. Good tutorial! I finished up a small stack of these recently and hope to get a top together soon. Thanks for more inspiration.