Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back to Sewing

      Not much sewing or quilting has gone on here the past couple of weeks.  After spending time preparing for a family visit, we enjoyed a great Easter weekend. Hope you did as well. 
     A few days later I made a trip to visit my sister Irene in the NC mountains.  It was a nice but short visit. I had a plant, a child’s chair and stepstool to take her as well as a box of items.  She had a few things to send home with me and I added more after we spent a day in town shopping.

     Then I made a trip to GA and a day with granddaughters.  Lily’s preschool class had a nature center field trip in the rain.

     Wednesday was sew day for church quilt group.  I pieced a backing and got this zipper top sandwiched.  Before Easter I wanted something easy to piece one evening.  It was not so easy that I did not make a mistake and had to unsew and resew for the zipper pattern to be correct. 

First Try  

Hope you make some time for sewing and quilting.

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