Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This and That

     I have not had time recently for much sewing or quilting.  I had a short visit with granddaughters and family.  The oldest took time to sew a bib for her expected new cousin.  She was nervous about sewing the curves but she did well.  I’m very proud of how her skills are improving and happy that she loves creating things with her sewing machine.
The bib pattern is free from  Clover and Violet  .  Instead of making it reversible, we put flannel on the back.

      I did make time to create more red “made-fabric”.  I hope to make some more crumb hearts.  You can find basic directions from Bonnie Hunter here.  It is easy to adjust the size of the block if you want to make them larger. I am thinking of using multiple sizes and colors.

     Tuesday at Greater Columbia Quilt Guild general meeting Roger Winchell shared a great trunk show.  I helped hold up many of the quilts so I did not get to take photos of them all.  You can see some pictures on the guild blog here or check out Roger’s website   He is a retired engineer, loves math and uses it a lot to design his quilts.  The quilt below is related to a Snail's Trail except that it starts with a hexagon pinwheel instead of a four patch. 

Hope you can find some time to enjoy sewing and quilting!

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