Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Embroidery Frustration

        I don’t do a lot of machine embroidery and it has been a while since I did.  With my experience yesterday it may be a LONG time before I do again.  This is the result of about 8 hours, 2 new needles, and a lot of stops for broken top thread.

 Sometimes the thread shredded in the tension system and the spool was not feeding smoothly. I used the same polyester embroidery thread I have always used.  Another problem was when the machine would cut the thread to move or change color, it cut it too short and would not pick up the bobbin thread when it started again. That also means backing up the design to not skip areas.  I had to watch constantly. I hope my nephew and his wife will not notice glitches. I wish I knew whether the problems had to do with my embroidery module, machine or something more I should have done.  
     *I would appreciate machine embroidery problem ideas or suggestions

    With much less frustration. I have been going through my clothing fabric stash to see what I can use now.  I finished 2 skirts for myself and a corduroy jumper for a granddaughter.  For my next visit I am taking the Simplicity pattern and more fabric in case the older granddaughter wants to learn and make one for herself. 

     It is Election Day and no matter who wins, I will be glad when all the campaigning is over.  Hope you take time to vote and then find time to sew without frustration.

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  1. Sorry can't help with embroidery.....knew it would drive me crazy. Cute jumper:)
    Ditto...glad the election cycle is over.