Monday, March 14, 2016

Variety of Sewing Projects

    I have been saving my small scraps of fabric ( too small for made-fabric or crumbs) and scraps of batting to stuff pet beds.  Several friends also save theirs for me.  This past weekend I spent several hours cutting them up smaller for stuffing.  It is more difficult to work with long strings.  I did so much cutting I formed a blister.  The result was 3 finished pet beds for donation and one more almost done. 

The style with the ridge around does take more time but I know many dogs and cats love to rest their head on or curl up against something.  I found the idea at  even though I did not follow it exactly.

Here is another link with a tutorial.

    I also made one Easter dress and matching pink shrugs for granddaughters. 

The beautiful warm days are also calling me to work in the yard so I am not sure what I will accomplish today.
Enjoy a few minutes sewing /quilting!

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  1. Cute dresses. You are so talented to sew them. Like the pet beds too. I make mine for the animal hospital in town.