Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Big Block Comfort Quilt Tops

   This is my week with 2 days of comfort quilt sew days – one for guild and one with church group.
Knowing that today would be guild comfort quilt sew day, yesterday I started gathering the pieces to sew at the meeting.  Then I decided to put it together so today I took the top for batting and backing to be cut at the meeting. 

I really like this quilt pattern.  This is the second time I have made this design.  It is fast and a good size. It finishes at 48” by 54” with a 3” border.  I pulled 3 ½” squares and strips from my stash.  You do have to be careful to piece 2 A blocks and 2 B blocks. 
A                                                                                                         B

    Tomorrow is sew day for my church quilt group.  I have 2 tops ready for backing and batting so they can be sandwiched.
The first is another great big block pattern of 18” blocks using a large print fabric.  You can see more about the pattern by watching the video from Nancy Zieman and “Sewing with Nancy” at http://wpt.org/SewingWithNancy/Video/sew-big-quilt-blocks-part-2
With only 12 blocks the quilt will finish at 54” by 72”. A border would make it larger.

     Here is my second top ready to be sandwiched.  When I trimmed the blocks for a Stack and Slice quilt, I saved the scraps and used them along with a few other scraps to improvisationally piece blocks.    


  1. Great tops.....love the log cabin ones!

  2. All three are great! Thanks for the link to the big blocks quilt on Sewing with Nancy.