Thursday, July 6, 2017

Finish A-Long

     I need this challenge to push me to finish more.  So far this year I have finished the top 2 quilts on my UFO list.  #1 The blue, green and yellow quilt kit was purchased in 2005.  I did not finish it like the kit suggests but I love it. You can see more about the quilting I did on this post. 

#2 The green made-fabric quilt ended up as 2 quilts- one full size and one adult lap.  I have entered the full size in a guild show and then it will be a wedding present. You can see more about them here.  

     To work on next I have pulled #3
(The top has been waiting 5 years to be quilted when my FMQ skills were better and they are ) and # 5 which needs borders.   

Hope you are making progress on your projects. 
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