Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quilting Frustration

      I took a break from yard work to get back to quilting on the dogwood blossom quilt.  This is the design I came up with for the blossoms. 

The blossoms are now quilted but today was filled with thread break frustration.  When I free-motion quilted the light color blossoms yesterday, I had no problem. 

Today I started working on the darker blossoms with a darker pink thread.  I did not have a large spool of that color so I was using a medium size spool.  For some blossoms the thread broke 2 times before I finished that blossom. I wondered whether the multiple layers of fabric for this technique was causing the problem. 

I changed the needle; I changed the feed of the thread.  Nothing helped.  I plan to use the lighter pink thread for background quilting and I sure hope it works well like it did the other day.  I have a lot of background quilting yet to do. 
If you don't remember what the quilt looks like, here it is the before quilting. 

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