Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hanging a Quilt Without Sleeve

      I am use to sewing a hanging sleeve on quilts to hang them for display whether at a show or in my home. My church group SQG recently wanted to improve the way we display a quilt.  Online I had seen drapery ring clips so I went looking locally and found the perfect ones.  The rings have attached tiny metal clothespin type clips.  The rings slide onto the rod.  
It was very easy to clip rings onto a 60" wide quilt.  Then the rod was lifted to the holders.  This was a super way to hang a quilt for display without having to sew on a hanging sleeve and it will be easy to change the display.

      This evening I finished the class sample for a JoAnn Fabrics Quilting Trend class.  I have taught a couple of Beginner Quilting 101 classes where students construct a "Hole in the Barn Door" block and have enough fabric to construct 2.  This class is designed as the next step.  After they complete 6 blocks,  they will learn how to add sashing, cornerstones and borders to piece a small quilt top that will finish approx. 38” by 53”.  It would be a good size for a baby quilt. 

      This makes another finished quilt that was not on my list for 2012.  Oh, well.  
GCQ is starting a challenge in November to encourage members to finish their UFOs.  I turned in a list of 16 and then thought of several more that could be on the list.  I will do well to finish my list.  I will post it later and hopefully, do better about finishing ones on the list instead of starting new projects. 

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