Friday, July 26, 2013

Puppy Pouch and Cutting Diamonds

    My older granddaughter is getting ready to start the school year and requested a puppy sew on to her bookbag.  When I was searching through my appliqué designs for a cute puppy, I came across a McCalls pattern for a cute puppy cell phone case.  I adapted it and made this zippered pouch.  I hope she will enjoy attaching it to her bookbag.  She may still want a puppy appliqued. 


    Friends in my church quilting group are planning to each make a simple Lone Star quilt.  A couple of months ago when the Pizza Girls from Quilters Gallery did a show for Greater Columbia Quilters  ( ), I purchased the “fussy cutter ruler set” that includes a giant diamond template for a very large Lemoyne star which I believe finishes at 24”.  The Lemoyne star is similar in piecing to a simplified Lone Star using the y seam technique. I was looking for something to play with yesterday and pulled out the template.  I have had a stack of bandana seconds for several years and decided I would use them for a stack n’ whack star.  If you have never made a stack n’ whack quilt, you first have to do the stacking and tedious pinning to match the number of layers needed.   I needed 8 to use my giant diamond template.

I managed to cut one stacked set for the largest diamond and then cut as many smaller other ones as I could fit.  

I will show more after I sew some together.

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