Sunday, March 11, 2012

Progress on Woodpile Blocks

      Friday was a fun day with a visit to the Charlotte Quilt Show.  The show was good but not inspiring. Then we made a shopping trip to Mary Jo’s for fabric.  I found a couple of nice green pieces I was looking for.  No sewing happened on Saturday.

     Today after church I decided to finish piecing the Woodpile charity blocks.  I have 50 which I am in the process of squaring up. 

I only need 48 for a setting of 6 by 8.  I used EQ software to check out some possible settings.  I discarded some because they require more matching of seams. 
Here are a few.  I love the variety. 

Or I could use all 50 for an on point setting but there is not the variety of neat settings. I have not decided which one I want to make.  There is no hurry.  Wednesday I will take them to work on at church quilting group.

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