Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lego Blocks in Rows

I finished quilting and binding 2 small comfort quilts for SQG.  The center of the first one was cheater fabric.
The 4 patches were cut from a fabric and not pieced.

         Saturday afternoon I wanted something quick to sew on for a little while so I pulled out version of Lego blocks (using 2 ½” strip pieces instead of 1 ½”) and added sashing to the bottom and left side of each block.  This morning as I was on my knees on my design FLOOR laying out the rows, I wondered what I will do when I am too old to get down and back up.   I’m sure I will figure something out. 
    I got 4 rows sewn together, only 2 more to go, plus strips on the top and right side to frame.

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