Thursday, August 25, 2011

Problem with Reds

      Today I had trouble again with reds running after it has been pieced into a quilt project.  I always pre-wash my fabrics before they are used, thinking that will prevent the problems.  I was reminded AGAIN that some reds require more treatment to stop them from running.    In my swirl project from Cara Gulati’s workshop, we used glue sticks and freezer paper as part of the appliqué technique.  After I machine appliquéd the parts together, I had to dampen the fabric to release the freezer paper from the glue.   When I did, spots of red ran.  

 I quickly dissolved about a tablespoon of Oxi Clean in ¼ cup of water, got some Shout Color Catchers and put a little on each area where the red ran.   I think it took out most.  I still have to appliqué the swirls to the background and quilt.  Then I will try to gently wash the whole thing with Color Catchers in the water to make sure the chemicals are out.  Have another suggestion?

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