Sunday, July 10, 2011

Starting on Day Bee Mystery

  I still have not decided which big UFO to work on; instead I started something new.  I agreed to participate in my Day Bee Mystery quilt.  This weekend I got started.  Step 1 was just collecting fabrics and cutting strips.  I have a great collection of blues which I love so decided to use all blues.   
Step 2 was making flying geese units.  Our leader provided the directions for the “no waste method”  which I wanted to try.  I don’t have them all finished yet but I’ve made a good start.  

Each large square and 4 small squares  makes 4 flying geese units.  You do need to mark the diagonal on the back of each small square which takes time.   From there the sewing is very easy.

You can find the directions for the “no waste method” for flying geese units at

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