Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fun and Quilt Progress

       I have returned home from a week with family and granddaughters.  When my granddaughters play with their 18” dolls, they love to play “Halloween” so of course they need costumes.  This bee costume is the newest.  It started with 2 layers of pillowcase style dress with a little stuffing in between and elastic around the bottom. I adapted the wing pattern from a Simplicity Tinkerbelle pattern.

       My older granddaughter celebrated her 9th birthday.  Here she is holding her new cousin.

       Back home I worked on more quilting on this comfort quilt for my church group. 
I practiced FM swirls in the center,

free-formed feathers on the inner border,

and a leaf motif in the outer border.

Enjoy some time sewing or quilting! 

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  1. A very cute bee! Your quilting looks great on the quilt!