Sunday, July 3, 2016

FM Quilting

    I am taking another class on .  This one is “The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting” with Christina Cameli.  Even though I have been doing FMQ for 13 years, I want to improve and learn new motifs.  If you have never tried a class, they have some free to try.

  Yesterday I finished the quilting on my “Circle Back” quilt.  

I used this basic motif from the “echo around family” for all except the border.
 First I practiced on my plexiglass.
The hardest part was remembering to start the curve to the left when I wanted to end on the left or start the curve to the right to end on the right.  The good part was even when I forgot to pay attention to which direction I wanted to end, I could still echo again to end up on the correct side to continue the design.

The binding is all ready but will have to wait a week. 

Enjoy a safe, happy 4th of July with sewing and quilting!

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