Friday, April 29, 2016

Watercolor Finish and New English Paper Piecing

   My watercolor wall-hanging is finished. 
I wish I had used a different color or finer thread and even a different motif for the quilting, however, I love it and want to do more. Thanks to Debbie of  Stitchin’ Therapy  for teaching me more about color value. 

     I have done minimal English Paper Piecing, however, when I saw this quilt on Facebook I became excited. 
The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along” was Katja’s 2015 project offered readers of her book, The New Hexagon.   
I would really love to make this quilt but decided it would be smarter to start smaller. I also probably need to shop for a different selection of fabric. 

 For 2016 Katja offers a more simple project, “Blocks on the Go, for Quilts that Grow”,  where each block can be a finished quilt.   I shopped my stash for fabric and started making the hexagon blocks. 
I have not yet decided on a background fabric or whether I want to follow her directions to finish each unit which can then be joined.  She gives lots of options no matter how many you want to make.

Hope you enjoy at least a few minutes of sewing and quilting today.

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  1. Two ends of the spectrum and both are beautiful! The wc turned out wonderful with that very dark border....I really like it as it makes the purples pop. Don't see a thing wrong with the quilting looks wonderful.
    Your next adventure is mind boggling but loks very good so far.